Published Oct 17, 2011

Some of you might be interested to see this lecture on ‘patient activism and the politics of health care’ presented in Lancaster in September 2011 of generic cialis online best price

Published Apr 05, 2010

We are happy to announce that Godelieve van Heteren has agreed to join the Board of Innovia. Godelieve has taught the history of medicine, has been a member of the Dutch Parliament, and has worked at a senior level in a development-related NGO http://tadacipbycipla.com/. There’ll be more about her in a future Newsletter.

Published Apr 04, 2010

Beatriz Miranda’s Working Paper on ‘Leprosy and Stigma’ , commissioned by the Dutch Leprosy Foundation, has now been completed and submitted.

It is available via the following linkReport on leprosy and stigma

Published Aug 30, 2009

In June Innovia signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Otavalo, in Ecuador. Innovia will assist the University in developing a new Master’s programme in the field of health management, with specializations in disability and in intercultural health. More information about this agreement is to be found in Innovia Newsletter number 10 (September 2009).

Published May 22, 2009

The Reader on Disability and Society, commissioned by the Thai Programme for Health Promotion for People with Disabilities, and edited by Renu Addlakha, Stuart Blume, Patrick Devlieger, Cialis Prix, Osamu Nagase and Myriam Winance on behalf of Innovia, is now available.

Published by Orient Blackswan in India (www.orientlongman.com ) it costs 695 Indian rupees and has ISBN number 978 81 250 3686 9

The book’s cover, including the list of contributors, can be viewed here disabilities and society

Published Jun 14, 2008
Published Jun 13, 2008

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